Site 'Settings' Navigation

From the ' Settings' page you can customise and manage your site configuration. Below we provide a quick overview of what each page does.

Note: Only the Company Admin has access to the Company Settings pages.

You can access the ' Settings' page from the header. 

This will display a sub-menu on the left hand side which provides you with the following pages to customise and configure your site:

  1. Company Profile Page 🡪 Customise the look & feel of your site and set up your custom domain if this feature is enabled.
  2. Platform Set-Up Page 🡪 Manage your development outcomes and categories to facilitate how learners search for your learning content. You can also add up to four additional fields to your registration form to capture additional information from your Learners at sign up.
  3. Single Sign-On 🡪 If this feature is enabled on your platform, Single Sign-on (SSO) allows your Learners to register and log in from an external site.
  4. Analytics & Tracking 🡪 Connect your site to your Google Analytics account and configure your 'Active Learning Tracker' Settings (if awarding professional accreditation).
  5. Payment Account 🡪 If you are charging for courses or memberships this is where you'll need to connect to your Stripe account.
  6. Membership Products 🡪 If this feature is enabled, this is where you can create and manage membership access for your site.
  7. Discount Codes 🡪 Set up and manage discount codes for courses and memberships.
  8. Legal Settings 🡪 Add your T&Cs and Privacy Policy to the site for users to agree to upon registering.

For in-depth how to guides for each of these pages, check out the recommended articles below.

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