How to activate SSO on my ClickLMS platform

In this article we cover the steps required to activate Single Sign-on (SSO) from your Admin Dashboard.

Please note: If this feature is not enabled on your platform and you are interested in learning more about it, please get in touch with us at

Single Sign-on (SSO) allows your Learners to register and log in from an external site.

Important: When using SSO your Learners will not be able to register or log in using the ClickLMS hosted registration and login pages.

Step 1: Generate your SSO-API-Key

From 'Settings' in the Admin Dashboard, click on 'Single Sign-on' in the menu as shown below.

The first step will be to generate your SSO-API-Key as this will be required to build your API calls and connect up with the ClickLMS platform.

Click 'Generate API Key' and a modal will pop up displaying your unique SSO-API-Key.

Important: This SSO-API-Key is only displayed once for security purposes, it is important that you take note of it and keep it safe. If you lose the API key you will need to generate a new SSO-API-Key and update all your API calls accordingly.

Step 2: Build your registration, login and logout API calls.

You will require some software development experience or resources to implement the SSO feature. Please ensure you and your development resources have read the detailed documentation to support the process before proceeding which we will provide you with.

Registration API Call: When Learners register to your external site you can send an API call to ClickLMS to create the learner on your ClickLMS platform at the same time. You can specify the Learner's name, email address and membership product. This means Learners will not have to register on the ClickLMS site as well as registering to your external site. Any membership payments/fees will be handled by your external site.

Login API Call: Whenever you want a Learner to access the ClickLMS platform OR if you want a Learner to access a specific page on the ClickLMS platform directly from your site, you can send your Learner directly to that page without them having to login to the ClickLMS platform first. For example you may want to send a Learner to your Catalogue page, their Certificates page or directly to a Course Overview page. You just need to specify which page you want the learner to land on in the API call.

Logout API Call: When a learner logs out of your external site you can send an API call to also ensure the Learner is logged out of the ClicKLMS platform.

Step 3: Activate Single Sign-on

Once you have set up all your API calls and you are ready to test the integration you will need to activate SSO on your ClickLMS site.

You do this from the same page that you generated your SSO-API-Key from: 'Settings' --> 'Single Sign-on'

First you need to provide redirect URLs for your ClickLMS registration and login pages.

Important: When SSO is activated your ClickLMS registration and login pages will no longer be accessible because registration and login events will occur on your external site. Therefore if a Learner reaches your ClickLMS registration or login page we want them to be redirected to the correct page on your external site.

Once you have entered and saved the redirect URLs you will be able to click the 'Activate SSO' button which will enable SSO on your platform.

Once activated, your Learners will no longer be able to register or log in via the ClickLMS platform.

Instead they will register and log in from your external site via the API calls you have implemented.

Step 4: Disabling SSO

If you want to disable SSO at any time you can do this by clicking the 'Deactivate SSO' button.

Once disabled, Learners will need to register and login via the ClickLMS registration and login pages.

Important: This will also clear your SSO-API-Key. You will need to generate a new API key and update your existing API calls with the new SSO-API-Key before activating SSO again.

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