Quick Start Guide

Below we cover the essentials to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

1. Log in to your ClickLMS admin dashboard

You can locate your ClickLMS admin dashboard URL in the welcome email sent to you when your site was registered.

Your admin login page will have a URL that looks like this:

<subdomain>.dashboard.clicklms.com (subdomain is the name you chose at registration for your platform name)

e.g. examplecompany.dashboard.clicklms.com (note there is no ‘www’ before the address)

To log in to your account you will require:

  • The Email Address OR Username you created at registration
  • The password you created at registration

2. Add a signature that will appear on course certificates

By default the first name and last name of the course creator will appear as the signature on course certificates. However you can upload your actual signature from the 'My Account' page.  

To access the 'My Account' page, just click on the name or account icon top right of the screen and then select ' My Account' from the drop down menu.

3. Upload your company logo

You can customise the look & feel of your site in a few simple steps from the 'Settings' -> 'Company Profile' page in the Admin dashboard. 

If your plan includes the Custom Domain feature you can also upload your company's favicon which will display in browser tabs.

4. Connect your Stripe account 

If you plan to charge for your learning content, you'll need to connect a Stripe account to your ClickLMS site. 

If you haven't connected a Stripe account you won't be able to set a price for your courses.

After you've completed the above four steps you'll be ready to start building your first course!

You may also want to check out our guide to Membership Products if you plan on offering bundles of content or membership packages.

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