How to edit a Learner's CPD Time

This article covers how the Admin can manually adjust a Learner's CPD time.

If you need to manually adjust the CPD time a Learner has earned for one or more learning resources, you can do this from the Learner Profile page which is accessed from the 'Learners' table.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Learners' page which is accessed from the header menu as shown below.

Step 2: Click on the name of the Learner to access their profile page.

Step 3: Click on 'Course Enrolments' in the left hand menu and you'll see the Learner's 'Courses List'.

Step 4: Click the edit icon next to the name of the course containing the learning resource you want to adjust the CPD time of. You can only edit one Learning resource at a time so you'll need to repeat this step if there are multiple learning resources you want to adjust.

A modal (as shown below) will open which allows you to edit the CPD time of completed learning resources.

Important: You can only adjust the CPD time of completed learning resources. To adjust the CPD time of incomplete learning resources you must first force the resource to complete (which is done in the same modal), then you can adjust the CPD time accordingly afterwards if required.

Step 5: Click 'Update'.

You'll see a confirmation message and be returned to the Learner's 'Course Enrolments' page. The resource will now show the updated amount of CPD time when you expand the course information in the 'Courses List'. Learners will also see this when they log into the platform. 

Important: If you adjusted the CPD time of a course that was already complete, the Admin OR the Learner will need to re-issue their course certificate in order for it to reflect the updated CPD time.

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