Re-Issue a Learner's Certificate

This article covers how the Admin can re-issue a Learner's Certificate.

If you need to re-issue a Learner's certificate for a completed course you can do this from the Learner's Certificates page which is accessed from the 'Learners' table.

For example, this may be required if:

  • The CPD time had to be manually adjusted for a particular course
  • The Learner's name had to be edited

Important: The Learner can also re-issue certificates themselves from the 'Certificates' page in the Learner site.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Learners' page which is accessed from the header menu as shown below.

Step 2: Click on the name of the Learner to access their profile page. Then click on 'Certificates' in the left hand menu. At the top of the page you will see 'Re-issue Certificate'. 

Step 3: Select the course you want to re-issue the certificate for and click 'Generate'.

The certificate will be automatically updated in the 'Certificates' section below - if you download the certificate you'll see the changes are reflected.

Important: The date of the certificate will also be updated if more CPD/learning time has been accrued since the last time the certificate was issued.

Step 4: The Learner can log in to access the up to date certificate or you can download it and email it over to them.

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