Why can't my Learner take a questionnaire?

This article explains why a Learner may not be able to access a module Questionnaire and what they need to do to unlock it.

Check that your Learner has completed all learning resources in the module first.

If your Learner says the button to access the Questionnaire in a module is disabled, or they can't open up the Questionnaire, it's likely that there are incomplete learning resources in the module.

In cases where there is a Questionnaire, all preceding learning resources in the module must be completed in order to activate the end of module Questionnaire.

Your Learner will not be able to access the Questionnaire until they've marked all learning resources complete.

You can check if they have completed all resources in the module from the learner's 'Course Enrolment' page which you can access from the 'Learners' menu in the Admin Dashboard.

A completed learning resource is identified with a green tick symbol in the course overview page.

You can either advise the Learner to complete the incomplete learning resource(s) or you can force them complete for them so that they can access the module Questionnaire.

Check the Questionnaire was not added after the Learner completed the course.

If the Learner has already completed the course then the Questionnaire was most likely added after the Learner had already completed the course.

If this is the case your Learner will say they see a blank screen with the text "finish test" when they open the Questionnaire.

Unfortunately if this is the case then the Learner will not be able to complete the questionnaire because they have already completed the course.

It's important to ensure that all resources and questionnaires are added to the course before the course is published and Learners enrol to the course.

You can always use the drip feed functionality if you want Learners to start enrolling to the course but you are not ready with all future module content. For example you could set a module to only be available after a certain date, giving you more time to upload content but allowing learners to start on content in earlier modules. This way Learners cannot complete the course before you have finished creating it.

Additional Hints and Tips

How do Learners mark a Learning Resource complete

  • The ‘Mark as Completed’ button must be clicked by your Learner in order to notify the platform that they have finished the learning resource, only once all Learning Resources and Questionnaires in the course are completed, can they finish the course.
  • If your training platform awards CPD you may have to watch videos in full in order to mark them as complete. Watch the video to the end and you will see a pop up alert at the end asking you to mark the video as complete.

How the Admin can mark a Learning Resource complete for the Learner

  1. Navigate to the 'Learners' page.
  2. Click on the name of the Learner to access their profile page and click on 'Curse Enrolments' in the left hand menu to access their 'Courses List'.
  3. Click the edit icon next to the name of the course containing the learning resource you want to force to complete. A modal will open from which you can force the resource to complete.
  4. Select the learning resource(s) you want to force to complete and if applicable how much CPD/learning time you want to award the Learner. Then click 'Update'.

You'll see a confirmation message and be returned to the Learner's Course Enrolments page. The resource(s) will now be marked as complete which you'll see when you expand the course information in the 'Courses List'. Learners will also see this when they log into the platform. 

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