Why can't a Learner buy a course?

How to check why a payment has failed

A payment error alert will notify the Learner with the reason why their payment could not be processed. It will include instructions in the payment error alert to try to resolve.

In some circumstances the failed payment and reason may be displayed in your Stripe account.

1. Log into your Stripe account and go to 'Payments' in the header menu

2. Click 'Failed Payments- if the payment was attempted but failed you will see it in this list with the failed payment reason

3. Click on the payment to open it and you'll see in the 'Timeline' the reason for the failed payment and recommended action.

How to enrol the Learner to the course if they are still having issues paying on the site

1. Try to take a payment outside of the platform

2. Provide the Learner with a 100% discount code to enrol to the course themselves OR manually enrol them to the course from the Learner Profile page

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