Manually Enrol Learners onto a Course

This article explains how the Admin can manually enrol a Learner to a course.

We'll cover how to manually enrol one Learner to one or more courses. For a guide on how to bulk enrol Learners to one or more courses, check out our article ' How to bulk enrol Learners to courses'.

How to manually enrol a Learner to a course

Step 1: Navigate to the Learners page and click on the name of the Learner

Step 2: On the Learner Profile page, navigate to 'Course Enrolments' in the left hand menu.

Step 3: Click on the 'Enrol to course' button that appears top right of the Course List.

Step 4: Select the course(s) you want to enrol the Learner to and click 'Enrol'. You can select as many courses as you like.

The course will now appear in the Learner's 'Current Courses' list and the Admin will see it on the Learner's Profile Page in the 'Courses List'.

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