Recommended Technical Setup

ClickLMS is a web based app and has been carefully designed and tested to work on all modern devices and the most commonly used internet browsers. 

To ensure you as the Company Admin and your fellow users get the best experience from using ClickLMS please refer to the recommended technical set up detailed below.

1. Devices 

The ClickLMS Admin/Instructor Dashboard and the Learner site will work on all mobile, tablet, laptop and computer devices that are ‘reasonably’ modern. 

This generally means any devices with Operating Software that has been updated within the past two years.

2. Internet Browser

For the best user experience, we recommend the latest version of Google Chrome, if this is not available to you, we recommend the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Note: Some browsers such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported due to their lack of security and/or stability. If users attempt to access your site from one of these browsers they will be shown a message advising them to use an alternative browser for the best user experience.

3. Internet Connection

We recommend a wired or private Wifi connection with a minimum download speed of 5.0mb per secondYou can check your internet speed at

We do not recommend using either a public Wifi connection or a mobile network 3G/4G as the system requires a constant open connection to your device to ensure CPD is recorded and rewarded correctly.

Still having trouble?

If you have followed the recommended setup outlined above and are still having some troubles logging in or using your site then please try the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have followed the correct URL to log in to the site. See our Logging in to Your Site article for more information
  2. Ensure you have the correct login details (username/email plus password). If you need to reset your password see How to reset Password article for more information
  3. Try logging out of the site, clearing your browser's cache (stored files and site data), then try logging in again.

In addition to the above checks, we recommend closing all other internet tabs, or programs that could be using your device's internet connection and/or device's memory.

If all else fails, please try restarting your device or try accessing the site on another device.

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