Logging in to your Site

When you register your company to ClickLMS you effectively create two sites:

  1. The Company Admin/Instructor dashboard which is where you will configure your site, build courses and manage your learners.
  2. The Learner site which is where your learners will log in to enrol, pay and consume your content.

Company Admin/Instructor Dashboard

The Company Admin and additional instructors log in to the admin dashboard. Your login URL will look like this:

<subdomain>.dashboard.clicklms.com (subdomain is the name you chose at registration for your site name)

e.g. examplecompany.dashboard.clicklms.com (note there is no ‘www’ before the address)

To log in to your account you will require:

  • Your Username OR Email Address
  • Your password

You can locate your ClickLMS admin dashboard URL in the welcome email sent to you when your site was registered.

You will be assigned one Company Administrator log in. But you can have as many Instructors as you like.

The Company Admin will be able to:

  1. Change the look & feel of the platform to conform with brand guidelines
  2. Configure platform configurations such as 'Course Categories' and 'Active Learning Tracker' rules
  3. Connect your Stripe account in order to start taking payments for learning content
  4. Connect your Google Analytics account
  5. Create and manage membership products
  6. Create and manage discount codes
  7. Invite additional instructors and learners to the site
  8. Create and manage courses
  9. View instructor and learner activity

Additional Instructors will be able to:

  1. Create and manage courses
  2. Access reports for courses they have published to monitor learner progress

Learner Site

Your learners will use a variation of the URL that differs from the Company Admin/additional instructors to access your site. 

Learners will log in from the following address:

<subdomain>.clicklms.com (i.e. it does not contain 'dashboard' in the address)

e.g. examplecompany.clicklms.com (note there is no 'www' before the address)

To log in to their account they will require:

  • Email Address (or Username)
  • Password

Learners must first register to the platform before they are able to login.

The default URL for the learner site registration page is:


Important: If you are using a custom domain then you will set your own URL for the Company Admin/Instructors dashboard and the Learner platform. Please see the article 'How to set up a custom domain'.

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