How to export a course report

This article covers how to view all Learners' progress for a particular course.

Note: If you want to see an individual Learner's progress across one or more courses, you can view this on the Learner's Course Enrolments page.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Courses' page accessed from the header menu.

Step 2: Find the course you want to monitor the progress of and click the 'Report' icon as shown below

Step 3: This will trigger a .csv file to be downloaded to your computer which contains information about the progress of all Learners who have enrolled to the course.

For each Learner enrolled to the course, the report will tell you:

  • Course status (not started/in progress/completed)
  • Enrolment Date (date they were enrolled to the course)
  • Last Activity Date
  • Completion Date (if completed)
  • Progress in minutes (this is how long they have spent in total on the course)
  • How many modules they have completed
  • How many learning resources they have completed
  • How many questionnaires they have completed

It also contains information about which membership the Learner is registered to, how they enrolled to the course (e.g. automatically enrolled or self-enrolled) and how much they paid for the course (if applicable).

If you have the Feedback feature enabled on your platform, it will also show you the rating the Learner gave the course (out of five) and any comments they provided. 

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