Why can't my Learner complete a course?

To complete a course all learning resources must be completed and any questionnaires must be passed.

You can check a Learner's progress in the ' Courses List' on the Learner's 'Course Enrolments' page (accessed from the 'Learners' page).  

  • A completed module will show a green tick symbol
  • A completed learning resource is identified with a green tick symbol
  • A completed questionnaire is identified with the word ‘Passed’ in green and a green button to 'View Results'


If your Learner is having any issues completing a resource or questionnaire please take a look at the following advice:

1. The ‘Mark as Completed’ button must be clicked by the Learner in order to notify the platform that they have finished the learning resource. Only once all Learning Resources and Questionnaires in the course are completed, can they finish the course.

2. Learners cannot access a questionnaire until all Learning Resources in the module are marked as complete. Please complete the learning resources by clicking ‘Mark as Completed’ for each learning resource in the module in order to activate the end of module Questionnaire.

3. If your training platform 'Active Learning Tracker' is set to 'Strict' or 'Medium', Learners must watch videos and listen to audio resources until the end in order to mark them as complete. Watch/listen to the resource until the end and wait for the pop up alert at the end asking you to mark the video as complete.

If the Student is still having issues the Admin can manually force learning resources to complete for the Student.

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