The site loads but I cannot login

1. Please ensure you are using the email address you specified at time of registration. And please ensure you entered the correct email, in the correct format – common issues include incorrect email extensions; vs., or vs .com

2. Please ensure you are using your most recent password.

3. Check your browser is not over-typing your password based on a saved record (that may be out of date). Please try and manually type your password into the password box.

4. If you cannot remember your password click ‘ Forgot my password’ and enter the email address you used to register for the platform. A password reset link will be sent within a couple of minutes to the email address you specified. This link will be valid for 1 hour and can only be used once.

If you are still encountering issues please contact your platform administrator who can verify that your account is enabled and validate your correct Login username and password.

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