Unenrol Learners from a Course

In this article we walk you through how to unenrol a Learner from a course.

You can disable an individual Learner's access to a course from the Courses List table on the Learner Profile page.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Learners' page and click the name of the Learner you want to unenrol from a course.

Step 2: On the Learner Profile page click 'Course Enrolments' in the left hand menu. 

Step 3: In the Courses List find the course and use the toggle in the 'Access Enabled' column to disable the Learner's access (click the toggle so that it changes from green to red).

Toggling access off will disable the Learner's access to the course - they will no longer see it in their Courses list or Catalogue.

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