How to edit a Learner's GDC number on their certificate if it's wrong

A certificate may have been issued without your Learner's GDC number if they didn't add it to the site. Or they may have made a mistake and need to update their GDC number. 

Your Learner will need to amend/add their GDC number to their profile and then re-issue their certificate.

Once Learners complete a course their certificate will be automatically created. If they have added their GDC number to their profile then it will be displayed on their Certificate.

If your Student needs to edit their GDC number or add their GDC number after the certificate has been issued they can do this by adding the correct GDC number to their profile and then re-issuing their certificate(s).

Important: The Student needs to do this from their account, you cannot currently do it for them.

1. The Student must navigate to their 'My Account' page by clicking on their name or the account icon at the top right of the header menu.

2. Enter their GDC number in the ‘GDC Accreditation No.’field and click ‘Update’. Future certificates will automatically include their GDC number.

3. Navigate to 'My Certificates' by clicking on their name/account icon in the header.

4. In the ‘Re-issue certificate’ section choose the course title from the drop down menu and click ‘Generate’. The updated certificate can then be downloaded.

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