How to create a test Learner account

If you want to preview your site as a Learner you can do this by creating a test account.

Important: If you are offering a free membership please jump straight to Step 2.

Step 1: In the Admin Dashboard create a 100% discount code for the Membership Product you wish to create a test account for. You can set the code to only be used once so that it automatically expires after you use it. You can check out our guide to creating discount codes.

Step 2: Go to your learner registration page. This is normally <company name>

Step 3: Complete the registration form (using the 100% discount code if it's a paid membership) and follow the instructions to activate your account. 

You'll then be able to browse and take courses as if you were a Learner.

Alternatively - if you simply want to check how a specific course will look to the Learner from within the Admin Dashboard, you can do this by clicking 'Preview' at the top right of the course:

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