I cannot access the platform

If you are having trouble accessing the platform or loading the login page, please check out the following trouble shooting guide.

General Troubleshooting

1. Please check your internet connection, we recommend a download speed of at least 5.0mb per second for the best user experience. If your connection is slower than this certain features may take longer to load. You can check your internet speed at speedtest.net

2. The first time you visit the platform, or after we have made significant updates to the platform functionality, your browser will download the platform application to your browser – depending on your internet speed this process can take several seconds. 

3. Please ensure you are trying to access the platform from a supported web browser – you can load the platform using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.


The ClickLMS Learner platform will work on all mobile, tablet, laptop and computer devices that are ‘reasonably’ modern. 

Typically this means with Operating Software that has been updated at least in the past two years.


We recommend the latest version of Google Chrome, if this is not available to you, we recommend the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Internet connection

We recommend a wired or private Wifi connection with a minimum download speed of 5.0mb per second.  You can check your internet speed at speedtest.net

We do not recommend using either a public Wifi connection or a mobile network 3G/4G as the system requires a constant open connection to your device to ensure CPD is recorded and rewarded correctly.

Still having trouble?

We recommend closing all other internet tabs, or programs that could be using the internet or your device’s memory. Try clearing your browser cache. If all else fails, try restarting your device.

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